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Water with hills in the background

The Water (Scotland) Act 1980

This act lists most of the powers and duties associated with supplying drinking water in Scotland.

  • Water authorities (now Scottish Water) must supply wholesome water for domestic purposes. It is a criminal offence to supply water unfit for human consumption.
  • Scottish Ministers must take enforcement action against a water authority that fails to supply wholesome water unless the failure is trivial or the water authority is attempting to remedy the matter.
  • Local authorities must take appropriate steps to keep themselves informed about the wholesomeness of public and private water supplies in their area and notify the water authority if not satisfied.
  • Local authorities are required to improve private water supplies if necessary.
  • Wholesomeness is defined for public supplies in The Public Water Supplies¬†(Scotland) Regulations 2014 and for private supplies in the Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

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