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Domestic Consumers

“Most homes in Scotland (97%) are on the public water supply and receive their drinking water from Scottish Water. This water has been treated to make it safe to drink and has to meet stringent regulations.”

Scottish Water is responsible for treating your water and DWQR ensures that it is safe to drink for you and your family. Scottish Water might use a wide range of methods to treat water depending on its source and composition. If you are interested in learning more about how your water is treated, you can read Factsheets - Scottish Water

You can learn more about the quality of the water in your local area by visiting the Water Quality Search - Scottish Water .

Scottish Water is responsible for the pipes that lead up to your property boundary. If a burst has occurred in one of these pipes, you can contact Scottish Water and they will get their team out to fix it. You are responsible for the pipes inside your property. 

Want to know more about the Scottish water industry and how your water charges are set? Visit our page Your Charges - Scottish Water.