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Business Consumers

Non-domestic, business or industrial consumers

Since 2008, the non-household market for drinking water has been open to competition. Companies are able to set up as “Licensed Providers” to supply water they have purchased wholesale from Scottish Water to businesses and other non-domestic consumers in Scotland. The market is administered by the Central Marketing Agency CMA Scotland, a company set up to keep a record of which businesses are served by which Licensed Providers. Initially, all non-domestic customers of Scottish Water were transferred to Business Stream, a wholly owned but separately operated subsidiary of Scottish Water. A number of other Licensed Providers have since entered the market and non-domestic consumers are free to choose which is best suited to their needs.

Information on Licensed Providers can be obtained through the Central Marketing Agency."

Business consumers should contact their Licensed Provider in the first instance to discuss any concerns or issues they may have with the quality of their supply. However, where the issue is an emergency or potentially concerns public health, the consumer may contact Scottish Water directly. DWQR will treat all consumers equally, regardless of whether they are business or domestic consumers, however our primary purpose is to ensure that drinking water complies with the regulatory standards and we cannot become involved in contractual disputes about water quality.

Contact your licensed provider if you have a query about your non-domestic water supply. If the matter relates to a serious water quality issue, you can contact Scottish Water directly"

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