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Visiting holiday lets / bed & breakfast properties on Private Water Supplies

Water supplied to some holiday properties, particularly those located in more remote areas, may come from a private source separate from the regular mains supply. Examples of private sources of drinking water include streams, wells and boreholes.

Although the quality of this water is usually acceptable for drinking, under certain circumstances the quality may be lower than you would expect from a public supply. 

If the property is supplied by a private water supply, the owner of the property will be able to provide further details about the quality of drinking water supplied to it, allowing you to make an informed decision. They must display a notice in the property to inform you that the water is supplied from a private water supply. The notice looks like this.

If you have booked to stay at a holiday cottage, chalet or bed & breakfast in Scotland or you are considering booking such a property, you can find out whether the property is on a private water supply by contacting the relevant local authority. If you have stayed at a holiday premises with a private supply and were not happy with the quality of the water, you should contact the environmental health department of the local authority where the premises is located.

Further information on submitting complaints about private water supplies can be found here.

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