Regulated Private Water Supplies

Regulated supplies are those which:

  • supply on average more than 10m3 of water per day, or
  • serve more than 50 people, or
  • supply a commercial or public activity, regardless of volume. For example, food producers (with some exceptions), hotels, holiday let accommodation, bed and breakfast establishments and village halls.

Local authorities have a duty to complete Risk Assessments on all regulated supplies. These involve assessing the source of the supply and the surrounding water catchment area to identify potential sources of contamination, and also checking on storage tanks, treatment processes and pipework. For commercial or public activities, it is a requirement of the Regulations that notices provided by the local authority are prominently displayed to inform members of the public that the water supply on premises is from a private supply.

Local authorities must also carry out the appropriate water quality sampling and analysis as specified in the Regulations. They have the power to take appropriate steps to ensure that water quality meets the standards required by the Regulations.

If you own or run a business that is served by a pws, you have specific responsibilities to ensure your staff, visitors and guests have access to wholesome water:

  • You must have a risk assessment conducted by the local authority which must be kept updated;
  • You must have (a minimum of) one water sample taken annually to demonstrate that the water is wholesome and complies with the legislation (you may be charged for this);
  • You must display a notice to let visitors, guests and staff know that they are consuming water from a private supply. This poster can be found here.

 Your local authority can give advice and assistance on this.